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New Project : Funding Required

This week we had two visitors at the ISEC from Australia, Joanne and Ester, who shared some of their fashion expertise and know-how for our future Fashion Skills and Business Course. We look forward to future cooperation with them once we get things up and running. While they were here, they also had some fun learning traditional Balinese weaving methods! What's stopping you from coming by? … Read More

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Soap For Hope

Our "Soap for Hope" program aims to recycle some of the 75 tonnes of slightly used soap discarded by the hospitality industry across Bali. R.O.L.E. Foundation collects the soap, sanitizes and reworks it, including adding organic fragrances such as lemon grass, and then distributes it to orphanages, the elderly and disadvantaged of Bali for free. Here is a photo of the lovely Ibu Wayan with the finished product! This is a partnership with Sealed … Read More


BaliWISE Beach Clean Up

Our program, Bali WISE, doesn't only provide education and vocational skills training, but also stresses the importance of preserving nature and our ecosystem. Here is a snapshot of our students at a beach cleanup in Kuta Beach on Saturday, January 12th 2015: … Read More


Graduation, January 17th 2015

BaliWISE graduates have completed a six month Vocational Skills Education Program including three months intensive training at AYANA Resort and Spa Bali.   Big thank you to AYANA Resort for providing professional hospitality training and work experience. Self esteem and confidence are a major part of what the graduates gain from this course. It is often poor, less educated girls and young women that fall through the cracks in Bali. … Read More

Weaving Futures

Weaving Futures

Project Completion:  Weaving Futures: Weaving using Organic Cotton and Natural Dyes. The Bukit Weavers Association established and are going into business for themselves. R.O.L.E. Foundation and it's BaliWISE Women's Business Development Program are proud to announce the return of weaving of naturally dyed organic cottons by local women on the Bukit. Two generations ago, Traditional Weaving was stopped and the technique lost in the Nusa … Read More

Children Environmental, Diet & Exercise Education Program


Eco-Kids Program This week we invited some orphanages to take part of our Eco-Tour. The Eco-Park's experience has to become a free opportunity for … Learn more

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Coastal Environmental Assistance Projects

Last Thursday, the Oakley Pro Bali in Keramas has officially finished with Joel Parkinson leaving the final as the 2013 Oakley Pro … Read More

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Eco Friendly Social Business


              Women's Business Development Program The excursion in Dian’s Songket, Klung Kung, was … [Read More...]

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'Bird House Construction from Recycled materials.' Ketut our Eco Ambassador Teacher with........ Boby is in our 6 month Environmental Ambassador training program. He is from Banana Island, Sumatra. Ryan, a passionate Australia, sent him down and … Learn more

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Beach Cleaners Training


Last week we taught the concepts of sustainable development at Kuta and Seminyak beach. Through an … [Read More]

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Waste to Wonder Program

Last friday (the 19th), ROLE has been visiting the new campus for the Waste to Wonder Program  in Ngis Village, Karangasem (North-east of Bali) Role Foundation handed Ngis Village some money to develop their Sustainable Village project. This money … [Read More...]

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Women’s International Skills Education

Bali WISE MDG: 3 PROMOTE GENDER EQUALITY AND EMPOWERMENT OF WOMEN Background In Bali, girls are less likely than boys to receive an education; women are more likely to be unemployed than men; women receive lower wages than men for thesame work; … Learn more