BaliWISE (The Bali Women’s Skills Education) operates under the umbrella of R.O.L.E. Foundation. Operating since 2007, BaliWISE programs assist over 150 women each year to develop skills that allow access to improved employment options.

The Problem:

  • Many families have been marginalised by Bali’s rapid development.
  • Traditional jobs are dying out through loss of arable land.
  • Unskilled workers are often exploited through under-payment and working in poor conditions.
  • Development is causing price inflation on everyday commodities, making it difficult for underpaid employees to move out of poverty.
  • Work opportunities are limited for unskilled people who cannot access Bali’s profitable tourism and hospitality industry.

Why Work Particularly With Women?

Extensive studies from across the world show that empowering and training women creates far-reaching benefits:

  • The entire local community prospers.
  • Living standards improve.
  • Infant mortality falls.
  • Use of Family Planning options improves.
  • Sanitation and family health improves.
  • Impact on the environment is reduced.
  • Stops the trafficking of women and girls.
  • Reduces incidence of prostitution and prevents the spread of HIV/AIDS.
  • Children of skilled women are more likely to be educated.

We believe that better educational opportunities for women will contribute to women’s empowerment and help them break out of the poverty cycle.

The BaliWISE program is a six month intensive course that provides free education in English and Bahasa Indonesia literacy, basic life skills and hospitability and business skills to local women in need. BaliWISE strives to remove the barriers that Balinese women face to accessing education and securing work options. Partnerships with local companies in Bali provide on-site work experience and are integral to the success of the program.

Equipped with essential knowledge and skills for the workforce, 90% of our students obtain full-time employment within three months of graduation.

Our students are from disadvantaged, low-income and at-risk families from all over Bali and Indonesia. We are committed to making a difference to the lives of Balinese women and offer two programs that aim to break the poverty cycle:

Women’s Skills Education

Breaking the poverty cycle by providing women’s skills education in English, IT, basic work and life skills, hospitality and business skills to local women in need. Students incur no costs to access classes, and transportation, accommodation and food are provided. They also receive a small stipend, which allows them to leave unskilled and underpaid employment and continue to support their family while studying.

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Women’s Business Development Evening Class

Combining small business skills and education with English language classes and industry-specific skills, this program allows local businesswomen the chance to work, with a co-operative focus, on improving their businesses through marketing, finance, and other vital business skills. BaliWISE creates the opportunity to develop sustainable income for local communities through eco-friendly social business models.

Our Education Sponsors:

Integral to the success of all the BaliWISE Programs are the partnerships with local companies in Bali providing on-site work experience or additional education. Therefore, BaliWISE is constantly seeking to increase the cooperation with its educational partners, which has led to successful established collaborations. Get in touch here.

We are very appreciative of the partnerships we have with the following businesses and organisations:

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